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Delivery Fee

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Using 132 Pleasant Hill Rd address to/from:

Dr's Choice: 27 Dandelion Way.  70 minutes RT $17.50 48 miles RT $28.08.

Mark's Organix: 134 State Rd Kittery 45 minutes one way, (1.5 hrs x $20=$30) 45 miles one way (90milesx.655=$58.95) $5 tolls one way ($10) 5/25/23 JR 15Holly

Vetted: 1609 Main St Sanford 40 minutes, 32.7miles one way 3/5/22 JR

BB Cultivation? 1259 Roosevelt Trail, Raymond 04071 24.3miles one way 45min one way 6/20/22 JR

Delivery fee:  Mileage round trip at 0.655 per mile plus tolls plus time traveled at $20/hr. 5/25/23

Delivery fee reduced by 50% with $1,000 order.  Delivery fee waived with $2000 order.  Delivery fees apply within 1 hour of Portland, Maine. 

Free Delivery to Portland, South Portland, Scarborough and Cape Elizabeth.  

Mic McGrath 207-286-6337 10% fee, plus $30 when less than $1,000 order.

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