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Yes, We Test Our Cannabis.

Here’s why. 

You may have seen news stories lately about cannabis testing in Maine. We wanted to share our philosophy — and our practices — so you can continue to purchase Norumbega Provisions products with confidence.

We understand there are many reasons that pesticide testing is not mandated under the Maine Medical Cannabis laws. It allows caregivers flexibility, and control based on their own circumstances, products, and clientele. For example, if a grower uses no pesticides, testing products made from their cannabis might be an unnecessary expense that would have to be passed on to patients.

Here at Norumbega Provisions, the cannabis oils and concentrates we use are made with cannabis from multiple growers. So regardless of whether it has been tested before we receive it, we test every batch of cannabis oil we buy, both for pesticides and potency. We will only use concentrates that have received a negative pesticide result.

From organic fruit to single-origin chocolate, we are committed to using only the best quality ingredients, and that starts with our cannabis.

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