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Test Results

This page is under construction.  If you require access to a test result that is not yet posted, please email to request a copy via email.  We will need the product name, dose, and manufacture date from the package. 

Here is a list of our test results.  Our most recent copies are made available for you and are updated as they are received.  


Maine Blueberry Gelées 100mg

Maine Blueberry Gelées 100mg 1:1

Raspberry Lime Gelées

Citrus Ginger ENERGY Gelées

Cranberry Orange Gelées

Strawberry Lemonade CREATIVE Gelées



Dark Chocolate 25mg

Dark Chocolate 100mg 1:1

Dark Chocolate 100mg CBD

Dark Chocolate 100mg

Dark Chocolate 300mg

Dark Chocolate with Espresso 100mg 1:1

Dark Chocolate with Espresso 100mg

Dark Chocolate with Espresso 300mg

Milk Chocolate with Coconut 100mg 1:1

Milk Chocolate with Coconut 100mg

Milk Chocolate 100mg

Milk Chocolate 100mg CBD

Dirty Chai Latte 1000mg 1:1



Sea Salted Caramel 100mg

Sea Salted Caramel 100mg CBD

Sea Salted Caramel 100mg 1:1

Sea Salted Caramel 300mg

Toasted Coconut Caramel 100mg


High Brix Cannabis Collaboration (CBD)

High Brix Cannabis Collaboration (THC)

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