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Test Results

This page is under construction.  If you require access to a test result that is not yet posted, please email to request a copy via email.  We will need the product name, dose, and manufacture date from the package. 

Here is a list of our test results.  Our most recent copies are made available for you and are updated as they are received.  


Maine Blueberry Gelées 100mg

Maine Blueberry Gelées 100mg 1:1

Raspberry Gelées 500mg

Raspberry Lime Gelées 100mg

Raspberry Lime Gelées 300mg

Raspberry Mimosa Gelées 100mg

Citrus Ginger ENERGY Gelées

Cranberry Orange Gelées

Strawberry Banana Gelées 1,000mg 

Strawberry Lemonade CREATIVE Gelées 100mg

Blackberry Blossom REST Gelées 



Blueberry Paté 100mg CBD/piece



Dark Chocolate 25mg

Dark Chocolate 100mg 1:1

Dark Chocolate 100mg CBD

Dark Chocolate 100mg

Dark Chocolate 300mg

Black Cherry Almond Dark Chocolate 100mg CBD

Dark Chocolate with Espresso 100mg 1:1

Dark Chocolate with Espresso 100mg

Dark Chocolate with Espresso 300mg

Dark Chocolate with Espresso 1,000mg

Maine Sea Salt Dark Chocolate 1,500mg 

Maine Sea Salt Dark Chocolate 2,500mg

Peanut Butter Hazelnut Milk Chocolate 200mg

Peppermint Mocha Dark Chocolate 500mg

Vegan Milk Chocolate with Coconut 100mg 1:1

Vegan Milk Chocolate with Coconut 100mg

Vegan Milk Chocolate 100mg

Vegan Milk Chocolate 500mg

Vegan Milk Chocolate 1,000mg

Vegan Milk Chocolate 100mg CBD

Dirty Chai Latte 1000mg 1:1

Dirty Chai Latte 100mg 1:1

Dirty Chai Latte 75mg CBD : 25mg THC 



Sea Salted Caramel 100mg

Sea Salted Caramel 100mg CBD

Sea Salted Caramel 100mg 1:1

Sea Salted Caramel 300mg

Sea Salted Caramel 500mg

Toasted Coconut Caramel 100mg

Toasted Coconut Caramel 500mg


Beach Boys Cannabis Company:

 Sex on the Beach Gummies 200mg

 Sex on the Beach Gummies 500mg 

Piña Colada Gummies 200mg

Piña Colada Gummies 500mg

Piña Colada Gummies 800mg

Mango Margarita Gummies 200mg

Mango Margarita Gummies 500mg

Strawberry Daiquiri Gummies 800mg



Inzane (THC)

Ghost Rider (THC)

High Brix Cannabis Collaboration (CBD)

High Brix Cannabis Collaboration (THC)

Pamolab Distillate M1 (THC)

Pamolab Distillate M2 (THC)

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