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Unveiling the Hidden Ingredient: Bone Char Use in Sugar


Welcome to our educational blog post where we delve into the lesser-known aspect of sugar production and the use of bone char. Contrary to popular belief, not all sugar is vegan. At Norumbega Provisions, we firmly believe in offering products for everyone, which is why we label our products made with organic sugar so you know it's vegan-friendly. In this post, we will explore the use of bone char in sugar production, illustrate how our commitment to organic sugar makes our dark chocolate vegan, and discuss the importance of labels when considering our products or others.

Understanding Bone Char in Sugar Production:

Bone char, derived from animal bones, is commonly used in the sugar industry to filter and decolorize cane sugar. During the production process, sugar manufacturers pass the raw sugar syrup through a bed of bone char, which helps remove impurities and unwanted colorants. However, bone char's use may raise concerns for those who follow a vegan lifestyle or have dietary restrictions.

Our Commitment to Vegan-Friendly Ingredients:

At Norumbega Provisions, we understand and respect diverse dietary choices. While some of our products use non-vegan ingredients, we prioritize transparency by labeling them as such. Our vegan-friendly products, on the other hand, contain sugar sourced from organic and vegan-certified suppliers.

The Importance of Organic Sugar Labels:

Choosing vegan-friendly products becomes easier when you look for labels like "organic sugar." Organic sugar is produced without the use of bone char, ensuring that it aligns with vegan principles. By using organic sugar in our dark chocolate, we ensure that it remains vegan-friendly and suitable for those seeking plant-based options.

Staying True to the Plant: Our Philosophy:

Just as we are committed to using organic and vegan-certified sugars, we also adhere to a philosophy of staying true to the plant when it comes to our concentrates and other ingredients. By using methods and ingredients that preserve the essence and integrity of the plants, we aim to provide products that are as close to nature as possible.


We hope this has shed light on the use of bone char in sugar production and emphasized the importance of choosing understanding product ingredient labels. At Norumbega Provisions, we offer a range of options to cater to various dietary preferences, with a focus on using organic and vegan-certified sugars in our products. By prioritizing transparency and labeling our vegan-friendly products, we aim to help consumers make informed choices and enjoy our offerings with confidence. Remember, reading labels is an essential step when considering our products and others, ensuring that they align with your personal values.

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