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The Journey of Chocolate Enlightenment: Sunflower Lecithin and Our Dedication to the Craft.

Dear connoisseurs of chocolate, join us on a captivating voyage deep into the heart of our craft as we unravel the complexities surrounding soy lecithin. Embrace the wisdom of our commitment to excellence through the exclusive use of organic sunflower lecithin. Discover the nuanced artistry behind our creations, where we willingly invest more, work harder, and prioritize your experience, all while navigating the challenges posed by soy lecithin, an ingredient we responsibly steer clear of.

Soy Lecithin: A Genetic Mosaic, Economical Shortcut, and Industrial Byproduct:

Derived from soybeans, soy lecithin beckons to chocolatiers as an economical method to achieve a silky mouthfeel in chocolates. However, this economic choice raises concerns about the long term effects of genetically modified organisms. Upwards of 94% of soybeans in the USA are genetically modified, and the health concerns for consumers regarding GMO's are still mounting. At the time of this writing, 26 countries have banned GMO's and another 60 have placed restrictions on their use. In addition to health concerns, soy lecithin emerges as a byproduct of soybean oil production, an unexpectedly useful waste product. Originally not intended for use in food products, it cleverly plays the role of an advantageous silkening agent marketed as a "shortcut" to chocolatiers. 

The Craft of Authentic Silky Smoothness: Cocoa Butter vs. Soy Lecithin:

Opting for the silky smoothness of natural cocoa butter over genetically modified soy lecithin is a practice that demands a commitment to authenticity. Our dedicated artisans acknowledge the more challenging nature of this path, where the selection of natural cocoa butter, despite its higher cost, underscores our unwavering pursuit of genuine quality. This choice necessitates additional effort and skill as we work tirelessly to ensure an authentic, velvety mouthfeel that surpasses the allure of soy lecithin.

The Allergen Challenge: Navigating Soy Sensitivities:

On the allergen front, an estimated two million people in the USA grapple with soy allergies, adding an extra layer of complexity to the use of soy lecithin in chocolates. This significant allergic population underscores the importance of considering alternative emulsifiers, steering clear of potential health risks associated with soy-based ingredients.

Cold-Pressed Excellence: Sunflower Lecithin’s Healthier Ascent:

In our pursuit of responsible choices, our dedication to using solventless ingredients sets a standard. Unlike soy lecithin, often processed with hexane, a chemical solvent, sunflower lecithin undergoes a meticulous cold-press extraction. This demanding process ensures the absence of dangerous chemical solvents in our treats, fortifying our commitment to maintaining an uncompromised standard of purity. We steadfastly refuse to compromise on the quality of our ingredients, employing both solventless cannabis concentrates and confectionery elements to craft edible delights that embody both excellence and conscious elegance. Embark with us on this enlightened chocolate journey, where knowledge, dedication, and a touch of fun converge for an exquisite experience.

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